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A good night’s sleep is crucial for a happy and healthy life, and the first step to achieving it is picking the right mattress for you. If you’ve been struggling to relax into a deep sleep or find yourself waking up often or feeling uncomfortable, perhaps it’s time for a new mattress. At American Freight we offer a wide range of discounted mattresses to suit your exact needs.

What is the ideal mattress size for you? Are you after a twin or queen size mattress or are you looking for a luxurious king size mattress? Next, you’ll need to determine the desired mattress type and comfort level which is right for you. Do you need a spring, foam or hybrid type mattress? What about the level of firmness of your mattress? Are you looking for plush, medium or extra firm mattress?

We offer deals on mattresses in a variety of sizes, types and comfort levels to suit your exact needs. Browse our mattress collection by size, by type or by comfort online, or visit a store near you today to find your perfect fit!

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