Pedestal Washers

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Pedestal Washers

Shop American Freight for a great assortment of pedestal washers for sale at cheap prices. Pedestal washers are great for tackling two laundry loads at the same time. Separate dark from whites, delicates, towels, or whatever will make your laundry more efficient.

American Freight carries a wide range of top-rated pedestal washer brands. Our washing machine pedestals have options for LED display, smart technology, and custom cycles for optimal fabric care.. We carry pedestal washers in a variety of designs and colors like stainless steel, white and black, so you can choose the pedestal washer that is best for you. Looking for a used washer pedestal? Why not try one of our refurbished, scratch and dent, or new pedestal dryers all for sale at cheap prices at American Freight?

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