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Coin Operated & Commercial Washers & Dryers

Shop American Freight for a full range of coin laundry washers and dryers and commercial laundry machines for hotels, motels, communal apartment laundry and self-service operations.

American Freight carries a wide range of top-rated commercial coin operated laundry washer-dryer brands for sale. We have a great selection of commercial dryers and washers from Kenmore, Whirlpool, and a great selection of LG & GE dryers as well. Our coin laundry machines have options for extra-large capacity, long-range venting, and industrial-grade construction. Our coin operated laundry machines range includes front and top load coin operated washing machines as well as the latest in industrial electric and gas dryers.

Discover our great selection of coin-operated washers and dryers. Browse our extensive selection of coin operated commercial grade washing machines today!

Also check out our coin operated dryers - both gas and electric, or check out our whole range of Kenmore dryers. Looking for commercial grade ovens and stoves? We also stock a great range of personal and commercial kitchen appliances - check it out today! Looking for more ways to save? Check out our coupons page for more great deals!

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