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With up to 195 lbs. of resistance, Precision System™ Components and customizable featureslike an adjustable preacher pad and seatsthe Weider Pro 4300 makes getting great results easier then ever. This system combines a 125 lb. DuraStack™ weight stack, Precision System™ bushings and bearings and six different body-sculpting stations, to give you the smoothest, most fluid workouts possible, no matter your strength-training goals. So, regardless of whether youre looking to build and tone your upper body, lower body or entire bodythe Pro 4300 gives you everything you need to make it happen.

  • Up to 195 Lbs. of Resistance-The Pro 4300's cable-and-pulley system offers up to 195 lbs. of resistance, providing a full-range of workout options.
  • 125 Lbs. DuraStack™ Weights-Experience the perfect combination of durability and fluid motion with this 106 lb. DuraStack™ weight stack.
  • Precision System™ Components-Providing a smoother, more fluid workout, these Precision System™ Componentsincluding precision pulley bearings and bushingslast longer while allowing for finer, smoother exercise movements than average components.
  • Adjustable Sewn Seats-Get a more comfortable workout with these sewn, adjustable seats that allow you to quickly customize the height of the seat and the depth of the backrest to better fit your body.
  • Expandable Chest Fly-Increase your workout range while building your chest and shoulders with this expandable chest-fly station. Just rotate the chest fly arms out before performing your chest fly to change how define your major and minor pectoral muscles.
  • Chest Press-Build and define your chest and arms with this convenient bench press station.
  • Adjustable Preacher Pad-Maximize your workout with this adjustable preacher pad. A pop pin allows you to quickly change the height of your preacher pad, allowing for a more comfortable workout, while helping you use proper form.
  • High Pulley (15+ exercises) and Low Pulley (40+ Exercises)-Pulleys offer a much larger range of motion, allowing you to perform a lot more exercises and target some of those harder to get areas.
  • 4-Roll Leg Developer-Build and develop quads, hamstrings, glutes and hip-flexors.
  • Lat Bar-Exercise your back, shoulders and arms with this durable, multi-position lat bar.
  • Exercise Chart -Learn which exercises focus on what muscle groups and how to perform each exercise most effectively with this exercise chart.


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