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    Neutralize and Eliminate Odors with the Kenmore Refrigerator Air Filter The simple Kenmore Air Filter makes an enormous impact. You can go to great lengths to get fresh food and better tasting ice, and spend a lot of money. A simple, more affordable and highly effective way of doing this is to simply replace your air filter. This unit uses a unique formula of baking soda, activated carbon and zeolites to trap and eliminate odor-causing molecules. The long life of this filters means you’ll enjoy its effects for up to six months. When you’re ready to turn bad odors into a distant memory, this is your ticket.

    • Keep the inside of your refrigerator fresh with the Kenmore Air Filter
    • The unique formula of baking soda, activated carbon and zeolites trap and eliminate odors
    • Works for up to six months


    Overall Dimensions-
    Accessory TypeReplacement filters
    Accessory TypeWater treatment replacement filter

    American Freight Certified
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